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Continued from last issue....

Having patched up Namor's injured shoulder following their battle with Alaric, the undersea king leaves with the Sword of Kamuu in his possession, but not before leaving Dr. Strange with the Eye of Zartra jewel for Stephens protection to insure the sword is less dangerous than it could be. With their most recent threat vanquished, Clea and Strange retire into the Doctors Sanctum Sanctorum unaware that they are being watched by the Dweller in the Darkness, who has renewed his efforts to sow the seeds of doubt in the Sorcerer Supreme's mind.

The Dweller begins travelling through his mystical realm trying to the Hall of Fears. There he detects a mysterious presence and pulls D'Spayre out of the blackness. The Dweller learns that D'Spayre had retreated to this realm following his defeat at the hands of Spider-Man and the Man-Thing, the Dweller decides to allow D'Spayre to remain so that he can recoup his strength. Seeking allies, the Dweller travels into the realm of his "cousin", the being known as Nightmare. Nightmare, however wants no involvement with the Dweller, wanting to get revenge on Dr. Strange all on his own. The Dweller instead settles for taking control of the soul of San Francisco native, Barbara Robb.

He grants Robb with mystical powers and she transforms herself in Dream Weaver, who can use magic to make her dreams reality. The Dweller offers her the chance to have enough power to reshape reality on a whim if she succeeds in destroying Dr. Strange. Agreeing to the task offered to her, Dream Weaver speeds off to New York to combat her target.

In New York, Dr. Strange is visited by Wong who has just returned from an errand for the Doctor, Strange tells Wong to have Clea join him when she awakens. Wong leaves Strange to ponder over the recent series of invasions upon his Sanctum and decides that he needs to cast a Rite of Renewal in order to reinforce the mystical protections about his home.

When Clea awakens she joins Strange in the ritual, which involves him creating four armed reflections of himself in mirrors by evoking the power of Ikkon. During the spell casting, the quill that Strange writes upon turns into a bird of prey and attacks them prompting Strange and Clea to break off the spell to defend themselves. Clea is injured and Strange uses a mystic bolt to destroy the bird. Strange sees to Clea, completely unaware that the Dream Weaver has made the four armed illusions of Dr. Strange come to life and that they are walking out of the mirror to attack their conjurer.

This story is continued next issue...


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