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Synopsis for "All My Dreams Against Me"

Continued from last issue....

Dr. Strange and Clea have been unknowingly attacked by the latest pawn of the Dweller in Darkness, a young woman named Dream Weaver who has set Dr. Strange's Rite of Renewal against him by turning four armed illusions of himself against the Sorcerer Supreme. Clea and Strange are each attacked by one of these illusions, four-armed versions of Dr. Strange that can cast twice as many spells at once due to their extra limbs. While Clea fairs poorly against her attacker, Dr. Strange gains the upper hand when he grabs hold of a gem he collected from the Purple Dimension and uses it to banish his illusion to that realm. He then comes to Clea's rescue and sends the illusion attacking her into that realm as well, ending their threat. After the battle is over Clea seemingly dies when she suddenly vanishes into mist.

However, Dr. Strange is roused by a scream from Clea's room and rushes to her quarters to find her having woken up from a nightmare. Suspecting his old foe Nightmare, Strange opens a portal to his arch-enemies realm and confronts him, but Nightmare denies any involvement, telling Strange that another being is attacking him but refuses to tell him who the attacker is, but drops a hint by telling the mage that his enemy "dwells in darkness."

Believing that she can attack directly, Dream Weaver makes an approach to Strange's home hoping to steal the Doctors Book of Vishanti, the key -- according to the Dweller in Darkness -- that will allow her to use her powers to shape reality permanent. Knocking on the door and pretending to need Dr. Strange's aid, Dream Weaver is granted access and seemingly puts Strange and Clea to sleep with a boring tale that goes nowhere.

She then uses her powers to put Dr. Strange in her thrall and have the mage point out the location of the Book of Vishanti to her. However, Strange, suspecting treachery in the woman was merely faking his condition so that he can learn what her goals were. To show her what powers she is intending to toy with, Strange casts a spell on the Book of Vishanti that causes her to get sucked into the Vishanti's realm, the realm itself proves to be too much for the girl and she is easily over powered by Dr. Strange.

With the girl defeated, Strange wipes out her memory and powers and returns her to her home in San Francisco. While in the realm of the Dweller in Darkness, the evil one doesn't consider the defeat of Dream Weaver a failure in his plans and begins scheming his next attack on Dr. Strange.

This story is continued next issue....


  • Plot by Stern, script by Macchio.

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