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Synopsis for "The Man Who Knew Stephen Sanders!"

Continued from last issue....

Stephen Strange, Clea and the adventurer named Murdoch Adams are flying in a private jet to England when they are attacked by Ningal, "brother" of the demon Ludi whom was defeated by Dr. Strange. As Dr. Strange's spirit form battles the demon, Murdoch thinks back to the events that led them here:

He recalls how Ningal had killed his wife Lenore in revenge against Murdoch for previously defeating his brother Ludi. Murdoch would throw himself against the demon then remember nothing. His next memory would be appearing in New York City wanting to seek out Stephen Sanders. Going to Dr. Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum he would meet with Dr. Strange who would advise him that Stephen Sanders does not exist. Strange would explain that for a time Eternity had restructured reality in order to protect Strange's identity which resulted in the name change. Strange explains that reality had since been restored to normal, and that Murdoch probably still recalls "Stephen Sanders" because he was imprisoned during the time when reality was shifted back to normal. As both parties needed to go to England -- Murdoch to investigate Ningal's demon cult and Dr. Strange to learn why the Black Knight's Ebon Sword was transported back to the present -- They had commissioned an aircraft and travelled together.

Which brings us back to Dr. Strange's continued battle with Ningal in the sky, as Clea checks on their cargo (The stone form of the Black Knight himself) Dr. Strange manages to fight off Ningal with the Eye of Agamotto sending the demon fleeing into another realm and Strange's astral form returning to his mortal body. As our heroes land in Britain, Ningal meets with the Dweller in Darkness who has another scheme ready to apply against the Sorcerer Supreme.

In Britain, Stephen, Clea and Murdoch are met by Murdoch's love Marcia Trent, Dr. Strange takes not that the girl does not cast a shadow and believes that evil forces are at work. Before parting company with Murdoch, Stephen leaves the adventurer a special amulet to protect him from danger. Strange and Clea would then travel to the estate of Dane Whitman which is currently under care by one of Stephen's old colleagues Victoria Bentley.

Victoria shows obvious affection toward Stephen which makes Clea begin to feel pangs of jealousy. As Stephen and Clea prepare to cast a spell to summon the spirit of the original Black Knight to learn the fate of Dane Whitman in Earth's past, Victoria answers the door to some movers who are lugging the Black Knight statue into the residence. After the men leave, Victoria -- her curiosity getting the better of her -- opens the crate and screams at what she sees inside. Clea and Strange rush upstairs and are shocked to find that Ningal has possessed the Black Knight statue, and carries the unconscious Victoria in his hands.

This story is continued next issue....


  • Plot by Stern (credited with "scenario"), script by Macchio.

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