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Synopsis for "And Fear, the Final Victor!"

Continued from last issue.... The demon Ningal has taken possession of the statue of the Black Knight and has Victoria Bentley in his clutches. Dr. Strange, unable to cause the Black Knight any serious harm blasts the stone body to bits with a mystic bolt. Reviving, Victoria rushes to Stephen for comfort which draws the ire of Clea. While all are distracted, Ningal restructures the Black Knight's body and continues his assault anew, this time growing in size.

Watching from his own realm, the Dweller in Darkness marvels as the success of his plans when he is disturbed by the skulking of D'Spayre. When D'Spayre questions why the Dweller goes to such lengths to put Dr. Strange through despair when there are simpler means, the Dweller explains that his machinations are always subtle and calculating. The Dweller then turns his attentions toward Murdoch Adams and his lover Marcia Trent who are resting for the night before looking into a cult that worships Ningal. Murdoch soon finds that the drink Marcia prepared for him had been drugged and as he struggles to maintain consciousness she tries to kill him, however he pulls out the amulet that Strange gave him and this knocks her out. Going to the new dying girls side, Murdoch learns that this was all a plot orchestrated by Ningal who was using her as his pawn, before she passes away.

The Dweller and D'Spayre then turn their attention back to Strange and the others where they see that Ningal has them on the defencive. Dr. Strange maintains a mystic shield to protect themselves from Ningal's onslaught, however it begins to fail. Needing to marshal his full mystic might Strange has Clea protect Victoria, something that Clea begrudgingly follows, using her mystical powers to gag the inane patter of Victoria.

Strange is captured by Ningal, however the Sorcerer Supreme unleashes his ectoplasmic form and uses it to enter the statue that Ningal is possessing and battles the demon's spirit there. Strange succeeds in sealing Ningal in a mystical cube and begins demanding his unknown attacker to show himself before he is shunted out of the statue and returned to his physical body. Strange admits defeat in trying to determine who his mysterious attacker has been and begins to feel doubt in his abilities. Witnessing this, the Dweller explains to D'Spayre that this was his intentions all along. Considering his duel with Strange a victory, the Dweller returns to his rest until he is ready to strike again.

When Clea tries to comfort Dr. Strange, the sorcerer turns her away telling the girl that he needs to ponder things alone for the moment.


  • Plot by Stern (credited with "scenario"), script by Macchio.

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