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Having returned to the States following his battle against Ningal Dr. Strange ponders over the events that happened prior to leaving: That after defeating Ningal the Ebon Sword of the Black Knight had vanished, however when Dr. Strange summons the spirit of Sir Percy of Scandia (the original Black Knight) the spirit advised Strange that his descendant Dane Whitman was alive and well in the past. Clea, having made herself up for a night out on the town decides that Stephen has been brooding too much since their return from England and when she finds that he has barred her from his study with magic, she uses a counter spell to gain entry and snap Stephen out of his meditations. When Clea complains to Strange about not having any time together as a couple, Strange realizes that Clea is right and the two make decide to go out on the town.

Meanwhile, Wong has travelled to Chinatown to visit an old friend named Sung, who has told him that the man-servant had been summoned by "one to whom you ow your life, and whom you swore an oath of loyalty." When Wong refuses he is attacked by Sungs men. While on a flight from Italy to the States, a Cardinal Cardinal Alfeo Spinosa is rushing to America from the Vatican with a briefcase handcuffed to him. The contents of which may spell the doom of Doctor Strange.

Back in New York, Dr. Strange has taken Clea to the Hell's Bells dance club an establishment that Stephen used to frequent in his younger days and the two are having a good time. They bump into Stephen's neighbour Sara Wolfe and Stephen formally introduces her to Clea. When they ask what she is doing at the bar, she explains that she is there with her boyfriend Larry Royce. When Sara explains that Larry has been brooding at the bar all night and that she is worried. Just then an attractive man approaches Larry, and when Larry gets a look at the man he tries to punch him out and flees the bar. Outside he finds himself cornered by the man as well as a female accomplice, who kill him.

Hearing his dying screams the crowd inside the bar goes outside to see what all the commotion is about. Stephen manages to break through a crowd and to his horror finds that Larry's body had been completely consumed leaving nothing but ashes behind. Returning to the Sanctum, Strange decides to study his magic texts to see if he can learn any clues. Finding none he decides to track the attackers mystic auras to try and find them. Getting a fix on them he and Clea teleport off to their location just in time to miss a call from Alfeo who had just arrived in America.

Appearing in Central Park, Strange and Clea are attacked by the two creatures who Stephen deduces as Native American demons based on the fact they call him a "shaman" and "white eyes". Although he is unable to fend off the powerful demons, Strange uses his Eye of Agamotto to make them reveal their true forms, and they reveal themselves as Eye Killers: demons with the head of an owl, arms of a mountain lion, and the body of a snake. With no means of defeating the creatures as they absorb all his mystic attacks Strange decides to trap the creatures until he can find a way to deal with them. Summoning a spell, Strange causes the very ground to split open causing the Eye Killers to fall into the pit, Strange seals it up right after.

Returning to their Sanctum, Strange and Clea find that Wong is missing and in spite of the mystical defences in the building, Alfeo has managed to gain entry into the Sanctum. Alfeo an old friend of Stephen is welcomed with open arms, however the news he has is grave: The San Gabriel Archives in the Vatican had recently been robbed, and when Alfeo shows them a photograph of the man who robbed it, they are all shocked to find that it was none other than Baron Mordo.

This story is continued next issue....


  • The Hell's Bells literary bar is an homage to the real Bells of Hell tavern that closed a few months after this comic went on sale. However, while the Bells of Hell was located within Greenwich Village, on West 13th Street just west of Sixth Avenue, the Hell's Bells bar was on Sixth Avenue, just north of Greenwich Village, which would place it in either Chelsea (if it were on the west side) or Union Square (if it were on the east side).

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