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Synopsis for "The Old Dark House"

Continued from last issue...

Alfeo Spinosa has come to see Dr. Strange has come to Dr. Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum with evidence that shows that Baron Morodo had robbed the San Gabriel Archives at the Vatican. Rushing to the room where Mordo had been kept since he went insane, Strange realizes that Mordo has long since left, leaving a mystical construct in his place. Finally discovering the ruse, Strange feels like he has been taken for a fool. After reflecting on the past events, Strange wonders if they have all been connected. After getting some comfort from Clea, Stephen decides to leave his investigation of the death of Sara Wolfe's boyfriend for the more pressing matter of dealing with Baron Mordo, and leaves Clea behind to search for Wong who has been missing without a trace.

Clea's searching brings her to China town where she finds that nobody wants to tell her where Wong is. Her search draws the attention of the people who kidnap Wong who send people after her. Her search is further interrupted by the arrival of Shadow Demons from the Dark Dimension that begin to follow her. Clea then flees the scene, and runs into Sara Wolfe. With her help she flees back to Dr. Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum.

Meanwhile, Dr. Strange and Alfeo have travelled to France due to seek out Lord Julian Phyffe, because the mystic had shown previous interest in Mordo in the past. While approaching Phyfe's home, Alfeo is seemingly killed and Strange is knocked out. Back in the States, Clea wishes to be able to investigate Wong's disappearance further but cannot do so with the Shadow Demon's following her. With Sara's co-operation she casts a spell that makes Clea appear as Sara and vice-versa so that Clea can leave the Sanctum and fool the Shadow Demons into thinking it is Sara that is leaving the house instead of herself.

Back in France, Strange revives and finds himself strapped to an operating table surrounded by a bunch of undead doctors who are about to operate on him. Strange uses his Eye of Agamotto to stun them and free himself. As Strange frees himself he is attacked by a being that appears to be Hippocrates the ancient Greek physician. Strange tries to fight off his attacker but finds himself transported seemingly back in time to the point in his life prior to meeting the Ancient One when he was but a drunk derelict after the injury that took away his steady hand and his career as a successful surgeon. Stumbling out of the bar, Strange is confronted by aberrations of Clea and Mordo who scoff at him and mockingly toss him money to buy another drink. Suddenly the scene shifts and Strange finds himself in an operating room, his back pocket stuffed with money, and he is being asked to perform an operation, however his hand is far from steady.

Doctor Strange Vol 2 39 page 17 Madeleine St. Germaine (Earth-616).jpg

When he pulls the sheet off his intended patient, he finds that it is his old lover Madeleine St. Germaine. Shocked back to reality, the Sorcerer Supreme realizes that he was almost tricked into performing a sacrifice on his old love, and fights off the cultists that are trying to kill her, this sets Phyffe's home ablaze. Strange manages to flee the scene with Madeleine who revives and is shocked to see her old amour after such a long time.

Realizing that Alfeo is truly dead, killed at the hands of the cultists, Strange is told by Madeleine that Lord Phyffe is now working for Baron Mordo, and that Mordo himself intends to cast a spell to open the Seven Gates of Chaos, which will ultimately destroy the Earth.

This story is continued next issue....

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