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Synopsis for "Weep for the Soul of Man..."

Story continued from Man-Thing (Vol. 2) #4.... Having almost been drowned in the swamps of Citrusville, Dr. Strange is visited by Death, disguised as Clea. However, Strange manages to see through the ruse and escape, and return to the land of the living.

Meanwhile, Baron Mordo is about to prepare the sacrifice of the 12 individuals needed to open the chaos gates -- two of which are powerful sorcerers. Mordo informs Jennifer Kale that Man-Thing -- Mordo using his magic to free the mind of Ted Sallis -- agreed to aid Mordo for a chance to be changed back to normal and be given a new life in another reality.

Dr. Strange arrives just as Mordo initiates the spell, and the two are pulled into another dimension where they fight. Meanwhile, demonic hands come through the chaos gates, and begin taking the lives of the intended sacrifices. Before Jennifer is killed she appeals to Ted Sallis, convincing him that Mordo intends to betray him.

Convinced, the Man-Thing slams the chaos gates closed, casing them to shatter, and reverse the spell. Everyone is restored to life, Mordo is lost in the ensuing mystical vortex, and Dr. Strange saves the Man-Thing from being sucked into the vortex as well. When Strange tries to use his magical powers to change Man-Thing back into his human form, Strange finds that the creatures unique nature (being spawned both of science and magic) makes it impossible for him to do so. The Man-Thing, having reverted to his original state-of-mind, wanders back into the swamp.


  • Clea does not appear in this story.

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