Doctor Strange Vol 2 42

Appearing in "The Black Mirror!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


    • Chou
    • Mung
    • 4 sorcerers (unnamed)
  • Dragon

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Synopsis for "The Black Mirror!"

Following the defeat of Baron Mordo in Florida, Dr. Strange brings Madeleine St. Germaine to the airport and sends her on an air plane back to France. The two share a romantic kiss before she departs, and Stephen comes to realizes that he loves Madeleine as much as he does Clea. As he muses over this, he is unaware that he is being watched by a member of the Daily Globe newspaper who is interested in digging up dirt about the Doctor.

By the time Stephen returns to his home in New York, there is a number of photographers secretly hiding out around his home taking photographs. Entering his Sanctum, he finds Sara Wolfe fast asleep in a chair by a roaring fire and wakes her. Sitting down to dinner, she explains that she hasn't heard back from Clea and explains the past events in Clea's search for Wong. After her explanation, Sara expresses her concern about Stephen's finances when she tells him she came across a number of bills that were past due. Stephen hires her on to look into his financial affairs and gives her a block of gold to settle his overdue bills before beginning to track down both Clea and Wong.

Strange manages to track Clea's trail all the way to the strange mansion in the Adirondack mountains. There his jeep is driven off the road by a bunch of men who assume that Stephen died when his jeep exploded. Stephen however, has used his magical skill to save himself and finds that he is facing men who are also magicians. However, they prove no match for the Sorcerer Supreme, who easily defeats them in mystic battle.

The men's leaders, magicians also, combine their powers within the house and call forth a mystical dragon which attacks Strange as well. When none of Strange's spells manage to stop the creature, the Sorcerer Supreme realizes that he must attack the spell casters and not the spell itself. Taking a gamble, Stephen leaves his physical body and manages to subdue the spell casters with the Crimson Bands of Cytorrak, causing the dragon to disappear.

Returning to his body, Stephen returns to the room where the magicians were casting their spell and finds himself drawn to a strange black mirror. Approaching it, he finds that he can pass through it and ends up in another world where he is easily knocked out and is about to be executed by a band of barbarians seemingly led by Clea herself.

This story is continued next issue....

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