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Appearing in "Shadowqueen!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Shialmar the Shadowqueen (First appearance) (as Princess Shialmar in flashback)
  • Lords of the Golden Dragon
    • 4 sorcerers (unnamed, transformed into gargoyles by Shialmar)

Other Characters:

  • Duron
  • Silver Fox (Bayan) (First appearance)
  • Sky-Slayers (Only in flashback)
  • N'Garai (Mentioned)
  • Kan (First appearance) (Only in flashback)
  • Prince Jehan of Siridar (brother of Shialmar, he introduces himself as King only in this story) (Only in flashback) (Cameo) (First appearance)
  • Vung (King Jehan's court magician) (Only in flashback) (Cameo) (First appearance)


  • Kaichek (Unnamed)
    • Majaedong


Synopsis for "Shadowqueen!"

Continued from last issue... After travelling through a magical mirror to another realm, Dr. Strange is about to executed by an axe wielding member of a band of warriors. The execution is stopped suddenly by Clea, who has been travelling with this group. Unaware that they are all on the same side, Dr. Strange retaliates attacking with mystical bolts until he is stopped by Clea, reunited with his lover he is challenged by the groups leader Bayan, who also shows mystical skill, however when all learn that Strange is an ally with Clea the battle stops.

Clea has spent a week (time passes slower in this realm) since she was captured by by the Lords of the Golden Dragon, worshippers of Shialmar the empress of this realm. She and Wong were taken prisoner and forced through the magic mirror into this realm, however while Wong was taken away to Shialmar, Clea was saved by a band of rebells led by a man named Silver Fox, who hope to overthrow immortal queens rule. With the story explained, Strange agrees to help the rebels overthrow Shialmar and free Wong from captivity.

Meanwhile, in the capital city of Majaedong, the defeated Lords of the Golden Dragon are brought before their master. In punishment for their failure to stop Dr. Strange, she uses her magical powers to transform them into Gargoyles. While outside of the city, Strange and the others sneak their way into Majaedong's prison in a bid to free Wong. When the Sorcerer Supreme is about to free his captive man-servant, they are attacked by Shialmar's gargoyles. During the fight Clea is overpowered, and has to be rescued by Dr. Strange, who manages to keep the creatures at bay long enough for Bayan to open the ground and make the beasts fall in.

Taking Wong back to the rebels camp, Wong explains his implication in this realm: He explains that a thousand years ago, his ancestor Kan was a great warrior and Monk who happened upon the black mirror into the realm of Majaedong. There he would be brought before the royal family ruled by Lord Jehan, his daughter Shialmar and the court wizard Vung. Learning that their realm was ruled by Wizard Kings that enslaved them all. Wong pauses his story to tell them that his ancestor would be the realms saviour. Unknown to all, Shialmar is mystically spying on them and is plotting to get revenge on Wong for his ancestors past deeds and her hope to destroy Dr. Strange as well.

This story is continued next issue...

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