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  • N'Garai
    • "Demon in the Dark"/"Old One"/"Elder Demon God" (First appearance)

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Synopsis for "Wizard of the West Village"

When the Daily Globe publishes a front page story outing Stephen Strange as a magician, he pays a visit to the newspaper to get explanations from the editor Mr. Starrette. When he fails to dissuade the paper from detracting any of it's statements, let alone stop writing stories about him and his occult background. Strange warns Starrett that pursuing him could lead to trouble before departing.

This doesn't dissuade Starrett, who has now become even more interested in the secrets of Stephen Strange. He contacts his employees who have been spying on Strange over the past few days and orders his men to try and gain access to Strange's home. One of these employees posing as a technician with New York Telephone manages to convince Wong to grant him entry to check a "problem" with the phone connection in the house. When Wong takes the man into the basement, both are attacked by a blinding flash of light.

As Stephen and Clea have an evening out with each other, Sara Wolfe shows up at Stranges home for her daily routine as his personal secretary and ends up sharing the same fate as Wong and the Daily Globe employee. Stephen and Clea's supper ends abruptly when Stephen calls Clea on the fact that something is bothering her and she storms out. Catching up to her, the two go to Central Park where Clea talks to him about her doubts as his apprentice questioning if she is truly worthy when he is constantly trying to save her. However, Stephen talks Clea to at least give some time to think before quitting as his apprentice. When the two finally return home they find Starrett pounding on his door. They learn of Starrett's employee who has not been heard from since he entered the home. Stephen send Clea in first however after hearing her scream from inside, Strange enters his home not noticing Starrett behind him until it's too late. Strange tells Starrett to stay put while he deals with the crisis, however as Strange leaves Starrett, the nosey newspaper editor begins snooping around the Sanctum.

In the basement, Strange finds Clea trying to fight off one of the N'Garai who is coming out of a portal in the floor, it has Wong, Sara and the man from the Globe it's tendrils. The creature transforms the three prisoners into it's avatars and sends them against Strange and Clea, who find that their powers have no effect against their friends. However, while Clea keeps the creature occupied, Strange sends his astral form to check the Book of the Vishanti for a means to defeat the N'Garai demon. Because he is immaterial, when Strange gets the mystical items he needs, it frightens Starrett who flees the house. With a mystical dagger, Strange manages to free the N'Garai's prisoners and casts a magic spell utilizing all present to create a pentagram seal around the N'Garai's portal, banishing it back to it's own realm.

Witnessing the creatures defeat, Starrett confronts Strange to tell the mystic that he's learned his lesson and promises that the Globe will not publish any stories about Dr. Strange again before leaving. In the battles aftermath, Clea also comes to the realization that she has a benefit to Stephen by being his disciple and decides to continue seeking tutelage as Dr. Strange's apprentice.


  • Inking is credited to D. Hands.

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