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Synopsis for "The Cat & the Cataclysm"

Continued from last issue....

Dr. Strange is searching the many mystical realms trying to find the location of Clea and Morgana Blessing and this brings him into a brief conflict with Nightmare in his realm, the Dimension of Dreams. After fighting off Nightmare and finding no trace of Morgana, Strange continues his search, thinking back to the events that lead him here....

Earlier that day, Morgana Blessing had come to Dr. Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum to learn if there were magical forces at work in her life. Clea is instantly jealous of Morgana's interest in Stephen. After bringing Clea up to speed on his battle against Baron Mordo and how Morgana proved impervious to Strange's spell of forgetfulness, Strange takes Morgana off to his study for closer examination. Clea soon notices that Morgana's cat had hitched a ride in her bag, however it is not really Morgana's cat but Baron Mordo in disguise, who had taken on that form to sneak into Strange's Sanctum.

Mordo uses his superior magic to incapacitate both Clea and Wong, and the attack gets the attention of Dr. Strange who goes downstairs with Morgana in tow to investigate. There he is easily stopped by Mordo who teleports away with Morgana and Clea as his prisoners. Freeing himself and Wong, Strange then would begin trying to track down Baron Mordo to try and save both Morgan and Clea from his clutches.

After finding neither in any realm, Strange realizes that Mordo didn't transport them to another realm, but another time. Searching the time stream, Strange locks on to Morgana, finding that she is amnesiac and in the care of Lady Pamela Hawley in 1943 England. In that era, Morgana had been taken to a bar by Hawley, her love Nick Fury and his best friend Dum Dum Dugan. A bar brawl had broken out. Strange arrives in the past and uses his magic power to stop the bar brawl and restore the place to normal and casts a spell of forgetfulness on everyone present to forget the last few moments.

Changing into civilian garb, Strange goes to the table where Morgana and the others are seated, and makes up a story about Morgana and himself. He remarks on how Hawley and Morgana could be "astral twins" and hence the resemblance and Morgana's ability to suddenly know her name (This claim is mocked by Fury and Dugan.) Strange probes Morgana's mind to learn what Mordo's plan is in the past, but cannot find any answers. However, he does sense an impression of Stonehenge that he recognizes as being part of an enticement spell from some outside force that has been manipulating Mordo without his knowledge. Strange then leaves Morgana in Pamela's care so that he might investigate the situation himself.

After flying from London to Stonehenge, Strange arrives just as Mordo and the captive Clea enter a Vortex of Oblivion. Forced to follow them in order to save Clea, Strange sees glimpses of the coming future where Pamela and Morgana will be captured by the forces of Viscount Krowler and Sir Baskerville. Arriving at the end, Strange is blasted by spells that are too powerful for him to resist and becomes a captive of both men and their patron, the Dormammu from Strange's future who has been reborn in Earth's past, plans to conquer the planet, and has been using Mordo as a puppet.

This story is continued next issue....

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