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Synopsis for "A Time for Love, A Time for Hate!"

Continued from last issue....

At Baskerville Castle, Nazi sympathizer and mystic Sir Baskerville and Viscount Heinrich Krowler have taken Dr. Strange as their captive. Krowler muses with Baskerville how his plan came into action, how he had used his grandson, Baron Mordo, with as a pawn to achieve great mystical power. Casting a spell on the young boy that would send all his mystical knowledge back into the past for his grandfather to utilize, he would use his mystical influence to help boost Adolf Hitler's bid to power become second to the Nazi leader himself. When the adult Mordo would travel into the past, he had played into his grandfathers plan who overpowered him and would use his magical might to assist Dormammu, who hopes to gain access to Earth in it's past during a time when Doctor Strange isn't around to stop him.

When Krowler asks Dormammu to spare his grandson, Dormammu refuses and transforms Mordo into his most basic mystical form and gives Baskerville the task for putting it into a suitable host body. Meanwhile, Dr. Strange has not been taken out of the fight as everyone things, having loosed his astral form, Strange confronts Adolf Hitler to try and see if the madman had anything to do with it, but finding that Hitler is merely a pawn to spawn enough hatred in the region to facilitate Krowler's spell. Strange decides to use Dormammu against himself by travelling to Dark Dimension and (disguised as the Ancient One) trick that era's Dormammu into attacking him.

Elsewhere, agents of Krowler are dispatched to capture Pamela Hawley and Morgana Blessing for use in their scheme, while at the US Army compound, Nick Fury and his Howling Commandos are sent to investigate suspicions that Nazi spies are holed up in Baskerville Castle. As the Howlers attack the castle, Sir Baskerville implants the mystical essence into Morgana Blessing to be used as a pawn for their spell. They are interrupted by the arrival of Nick Fury and his Howlers who give them chase.

In another part of the building Krowler (using the power of Dormammu) begins a ceremony which is powered by the hatred created from the Nazi's bombing of England to power his spell to bring Dormammu to Earth's dimension, using Clea as a sacrifice to open the portal, with the aid of the Mordo possessed Morgana.

Strange meanwhile manages to channel the power of the past era Dormammu while Nick Fury and the Howlers bust up the ceremony. Using Dormammu's past-incarnations own power against his present self, Strange casts a love spell through his body, connecting it to everyone in the room. When Pamela feels Nick's presence through Strange's body she kisses it completing the circuit and overpower the feeling of hatred in the area with pure love, destroying the spell and seemingly destroying Mordo, and Dorammmu and driving Krowler mad in the process. With the battle over, Strange bids Pamela and the Howling Commandos farewell before casting a spell of forgetfulness upon them.

With the battle over, Strange reunites with Clea, who now feels distant and cold towards Strange because when the spell of sympathy was cast, she learned that Morgana has a deep unconscious love for Dr. Strange that is greater than her own love for him, driving a rift between the two lovers.

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