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Appearing in "Life-Times / ...Before Time Runs Out! Life Times Part II / Life Times Part III "Set Not Your Candle in the Sun!""

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Synopsis for "Life-Times / ...Before Time Runs Out! Life Times Part II / Life Times Part III "Set Not Your Candle in the Sun!""

Continued from last issue....

Following their adventure in London circa 1943, Dr. Strange returns to the present with Clea and Morgana Blessing. However, they find that Morgana has fallen into a mysterious coma and that her life force is slowly dwindling. There Morgana is taken to a hospital. As the doctors are trying to determine the cause of Morgana's coma, Clea tells Strange about her peoples appeal to her in trying to overthrow Umar's rule of the Dark Dimension, and confesses that she knows about Morgana's eternal love for Stephen and her feelings of insecurity that she could never love Stephen that much. Strange dismisses the notion of leaving Clea for Morgana, however Clea is insistant that Strange pursue a romantic relationship with her as she feels that Stephen could truly be happy with Morgana. Their conversation is interrupted by Morgana's parents who arrive with Morgana's family doctor demanding answers. As Strange is attempting to explain things Clea leaves the room, and suddenly Morgana's body begins shooting out mystic bolts of lightning. Rushing the Blessings and the doctor out of the room Strange dawns his mystical garb and has Wong bring a candle that will anchor Strange's soul to seek out Morgana's which appears to be travelling back further and further into the past.

In his travels Strange is stopped by Nightmare who explains that Morgana's trip into the past caused this chain of events and that if her soul were to regress back to her earliest incarnation it would destroy all of humanity and -- as a result Nightmare himself. Not wishing to meet his end so that he may continue to rule the Nightmare Realm, Nightmare begrudgingly offers his aid to Dr. Strange, helping him pinpoint the exact eras that Morgana has travelled into.

Sent to Italy during the time of the Spanish Inquisition, Strange is spotted using his mystical powers by Morgana's past incarnation who is working with the Inquisitor who uses mysticism for his self righteous crusade against witches. He is betrayed by the girl and put on trial for execution. Having his Cloak of Levitation and Eye of Agamotto taken from him, Strange is about to be executed when he uses his superior fighting skill to break free and tracks down the inquisitor and Morgana's past self. Battling the inquisitor in his room, Strange fails to recapture Morgana's soul when her past self tries to stop the Inquisitor from killing Strange before they can exploit all his magical knowledge. In a fury, the Inquisitor strikes a killing blow, killing her and sending her fragment back into the past. In punishment Strange casts a spell to make the Inquisitor forever disorientated until he publicly confesses his crimes and travels further into the past.

Finding himself in Yucatan Peninsula in the year 800 A.D., Strange meets whom he thinks is Morgana's past self, a mystic name Taba and her servant Hunac. That night, he attempts to probe the mystics mind and gets into a battle with Taba's mystical self. Engaged in mystical battle, things do not farewell for the Sorcerer Supreme. Furious that Strange cannot figure out the truth -- that Hunac is really Morgana's past self, not Taba -- Strange takes too late to take control of Hunac's body before Morgana's soul can be sent back further in time.

As Strange continues further back into the past, heading for Ancient Egypt, in the present Morgana's family doctor suggests to her parents that Morgana will suffer irreparable brain damage if her condition doesn't change soon.

This story is continued next issue....

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