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Appearing in "Land of the Pharaohs"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Alicia Masters (Only in flashback)
  • Emil Blessing
  • Regina Blessing
  • Dr. Samuel Finch




Synopsis for "Land of the Pharaohs"

Continued from last issue....

Trying to prevent the soul of Morgana Blessing from travelling deeper into the past (which would end all human existence) Dr. Strange, with the aid of Nightmare, is sent to Ancient Egypt, where Strange is shocked to find within the Great Sphinx a futuristic hide-out. Investigating inside, he accidentally activates the security complex's security system, and stunned by its lasers and confined to a cryogenic device. Dr. Strange, trapped inside the device, dispatches his astral form to try and find the past incarnation of Morgana in this era.

He is shocked to find that the Fantastic Four (from a point in history prior to his first meeting with the group) are in the past as well, trying to find a cure for Alicia Master's blindness, and have been taken prisoner by Rama-Tut, a time traveller from the future who -- bored of his relatively peaceful future time -- had travelled back into the past and taken control of the Egyptian empire. As the male members of the Fantastic Four are put into slavery, Susan Storm is put under a trance and forced to become Rama-Tut's bride. Strange learns that Morgana's past self is Rama's handmaiden.

Making himself visible to her, Strange gains her trust and she agrees to try and free him from the cryogenic device before the 24 hour period in which he can stay outside of his mortal body elapses. In order to facilitate this, Strange causes an ideal distraction: Using his mystical powers, he briefly reverts the Thing into his human form and compels him to go to Rama-Tut's temple and free the other members of the FF. During the confusion, Morgana's past self helps free Dr. Strange. At this point, Rama-Tut has fled the FF and is making his escape to the present when he confronts Dr. Strange and attempts to eliminate him with the base's laser defenses. Strange however, manages to escape this death trap. Away from the battle, Strange uses the Eye of Agamotto to set things right and send Morgana's soul fragment back to the present. In doing so, he realizes that this encounter with Dr. Strange in the distant path is the event that causes Morgana to have her unyielding and subconscious love for Dr. Strange. After Rama-Tut escapes to his own time, Dr. Strange departs from Morgana's past self and returns to his own time, just in time to stop Morgana's parents from making Wong extinguish the candle that is anchoring Dr. Strange's soul in Earth's past. Morgana revives shortly after, and Strange returns home.

Arriving at his Sanctum, Strange is alarmed to find that Clea has made up her mind and has decided to return to the Dark Dimension to lead a rebellion against Umar. Professing her love to Stephen, she tells the mage to pursue Morgana, who will truly love him, before teleporting away. Heartbroken, Stephen shrugs off Wong and Sara's concern and retires to his study in tears.

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