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Synopsis for "A Mystic Reborn!"

Dr. Strange has agreed Morgana Blessing and a documentary film crew to come to his Sanctum Sanctorum to interview him about his past and his background in the occult and Black Arts. As Strange begins to tell his tale, Wong and Sara Wolfe become concerned because Strange is disclosing everything about his past, something that he has tended to avoid in the past.

Strange recounts his life as a renown surgeon and the accident that stripped away his ability to perform his lucrative craft. He tells about how he heard about the Ancient One and sought him out to heal his damaged hands and becoming a practitioner of the mystic arts when he learned of the Ancient One's original apprentice, Baron Mordo's plot to betray his master. He also tells how after years of training with the Ancient One he sought out a place to practise his mystic arts and selected his home in Greenwich Village due to it's past use as a source of magical power, as it was home to Satanists in colonial times, and prior to that use used by the Native American tribes practised magic as well. He would also recount how Wong would one day come to him and volunteer to serve Strange much like his ancestors had to other Masters of the Mystic Arts.

After telling of his many encounters with magical and super-powered beings over the years, Strange reveals that he is aware that the camera crew are frauds, and that they are in reality is old foes: Demonicus, Adria and Kaecilius, who flee into Strange's many roomed Sanctum to try and best the Doctor in combat. However, they are unprepared for the maze-like Sanctum and it's mystical properties. In battling Strange in mystical combat, Adria tries to gain the upper hand by using one of the many artifacts laying about the home. She makes the mistake of trying to use the Gem from the Purple Dimension and ends up banishing herself, Demonicus and Kaecilius to that realm, abruptly ending their battle with Strange.

Reuniting with Wong, Sara and Morgana, Strange explains that this is but part of his life as Sorcerer Supreme and the two make the decision to -- for the time being -- be friends, to see if this eternal love that Morgana has for him due to her past lives involvement with him is fated to flourish.

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