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Synopsis for "Gather My Disciples Before Me!"

A pleasant brunch with Morgana Blessing is cut short when an obnoxious man recognizes Strange and tries to dine with him. Even more dismaying for Strange is the discovery of a crowd of people clamoring around his Sanctum Sanctorum, hoping to become his next disciple, since Clea has departed. Other people around the world are also discussing the possibility of becoming Strange’s disciple, including Victor von Doom (he decides instead to stay and help rebuild Latveria).

Strange enacts a spell to disperse the gathered mob, but more soon appear, including the Jimaine Szardos, daughter of the Sorceress Supreme Margali of the Winding Way. She says it is her birthright is to receive training from Strange, he demurs but agrees to meet her and any other interested parties in an empty hall in three days’ time.

At the appointed time Strange appears and tells the crowd he needs no apprentice. Jimaine is furious, and her mother Margali appears too, ready to battle him because of his dismissal of Jimaine. Strange had predicted her arrival and in a flash of light he transports them to the astral plane, where the battle. Margali’s power proves to be Strange’s equal, until he realizes that the source of her power came only from her magic wand. When he realizes this, he tricks her into coming close and grabs it away from her, and breaks it.

Margali is instantly transformed back into her rtrue appearance of an elderly gypsy lady, and she thanks him for destroying the wand, which she says has been possessing her and her entire family for decades. Strange makes the crowd forget everything they just witnessed, but still wonders how word got out that Clea has left him.


  • The Bottom End is a nod to the legendary NYC bar the Bitter End.
  • Next to Doctor Strange's "Disciplehood" ad in the Village Voice, are ads for CBGB's (a NYC hardcore and punk rock club) and Kate Bush (singer-songwriter).
  • Sara Wolfe mentions the Flying Karamazovs (Brothers), a comedy troupe.

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