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Synopsis for "At Loose Ends!"

Doctor Strange visits Aged Genghis in his astral form to ask him not to send any more potential new disciples his way, then returns to the Sanctum to bid farewell to the Szardos family before retiring to his study to search the mystic realms for the Dweller in Darkness. In the process, he checks in on the Dark Dimension where Clea continues to muster rebel forces against Umar.

Later, after a training session with Wong, Strange learns of an unusual letter Sara Wolfe received from the attorney for the estate of Doug Royce asking her to meet him after dark. Strange accompanies her, recognizes the attorney as a vampire, and attacks. The fight ends when the Eye of Agamotto reveals that the vampire never bit another living being, leading Strange to trust him. The vampire reveals that he's actually Private Eye Hannibal King and explains that his investigation into Royce's murder has led him to a disturbing clue tying it to the return of Dracula.

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