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While talking with Hannibal King, Doctor Strange recalls his first fight with Dracula which he believed had killed the vampire permanently, but something King says prompts Strange to turn the Eye of Agamotto on himself, causing him to remember a more recent encounter that Mephisto had made him forget. He agrees to help Hannibal King in tracking down Dracula to end his threat once and for all. Meanwhile, Dracula has taken control of a cult of Darkholders who summon the Children of the Night to help search for the one true Darkhold. The Children immediately sense Strange and King conspiring to oppose them and transform into giant semi-humanoid hawks to fly to attack their enemies. King reveals that he first met Douglas Royce in Wisconsin while investigating cattle mutilations which led to their first encounter with the brother and sister who call themselves the Children of the Night, and then Strange reveals how Royce had been murdered by sorcerous means by that same couple. King reveals that his investigation of Rachel van Helsing's death in England had led to his discovering that Dracula has his minions searching for the Darkhold, and that Royce's last cable had warned him to "Beware of the Darkholders." At that moment, the Children of the Night burst in through the window and attack but Strange quickly transports himself, King and the Children to another dimension where the Children are quickly defeated and restrained. However, when King uses his hypnotic gaze to make the male captive begin to talk, it triggers a failsafe that causes both of the Children to disintegrate to prevent them from speaking in a way that would endanger the master plan. Strange realizes that the Darkhold must be found but the Darkholders have also come much closer to pinpointing its location.

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