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Synopsis for "Power Be the Prize!"

The Darkholders spy on the Sanctum Sanctorum hoping to follow Doctor Strange to where he hid the Darkhold. Anticpating this, Strange sends a disguised Sara Wolfe and Morgana Blessing out as decoys, helping him get away to reconvene with Wong and Hannibal King, who has also recruited vampire hunters Frank Drake and Blade to their party. The five men travel to Europe and Castle Mordo as covertly as possible, fighting past the mystic defenses the castle's departed master left behind to repel just such invaders.

Meanwhile, Dracula stands in the sun, mocking it as his usage of the Darkholders' black arts has eliminated almost all the weaknesses his vampiric curse once burdened him with. Strengthened by the cultists' ritual, he telepathically contacts his servants around the globe to find where Strange has fled, then hijacks a series of jets to chase him there.

Solicit Synopsis

"Power Be the Prize" of the Darkhold Book, the mysterious tome that could either spread vampire evil across the earth or end it for all time. It depends on whether it falls into the hands of Doc and his cohorts Hannibal King, Frank Drake and Blade, or into the evil clutches of Dracula.

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