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In Castle Mordo, Doctor Strange begins communing with the Darkhold while Wong, Blade, Frank Drake, and Hannibal King try to hold off Dracula who has come to claim it for himself. Dracula easily defeats them all and breaks his way through to the inner chamber to find Strange transfixed by the Darkhold's power. Believing his rival to have been overcome by its dark power, Dracula confidently grabs the book, only to be transferred to the astral plane where Doctor Dtrange is still in control and now at an advantage over the vampire, who is unaccustomed to the metaphysical environment. While their astral forms grapple, Strange's allies gather around their physical bodies to complete the ritual of the Montesi Formula, a spell that undoes the curse of vampirism, destroying all vampires in the world.

Dracula is annihilated, but the danger hasn't passed for Hannibal King. King was prepared to sacrifice himself if it meant saving the world from Dracula and other vampires, but it turns out his refusal to kill for blood makes his destruction not as instant. Doctor Strange uses his medical skills to perform an on-the-spot transfusion with bottles of blood they took along for this purpose, saving King's once more mortal life, and allowing him to greet the morning sun for the first time in over five years.

Solicit Synopsis

The story to end all vampire stories! And we mean that literally! You'll witness a major event in the Marvel Universe, when all vampires, Dracula included, are banished from Earth forever!


  • All of Earth's vampires are destroyed, reduced to dust by the Montesi Formula. This is the shown fate of Dracula and Lilith, as well as Harold H. Harold, revealed in this issue to have been vampirized at some point since his last appearance. The spell affects descendants of the original vampiric curse but not others with vampire-like abilities, like the mutant Selene. In Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme #14, it's revealed that the spell was weakened and eventually vampires are able to exist again. Many, if not all the vampires destroyed in this issue are eventually revived.

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