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Appearing in "Cry of the Spirit"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • unnamed boy (killer of Kiko, cousin of U.N. ambassador, released on diplomatic immunity)

Other Characters:

  • Akira Nitobe (master of Kiai-Jutsu)
  • Kiko Nitobe (daughter of Akira) (Death)




Synopsis for "Cry of the Spirit"

Dr. Strange and Sara leave to attend a special presentation by Akira Nitobe, a professed master of the art of Kiai-Jutsu, the "spirit shout." Wong has seen Nitobe previously and recommended Stephen attend, although Stephen admits he is skeptical, as his time as a master of the mystic arts has exposed him to more charlatans than true mystics.

On the way to the auditorium, a young man is chased into an alley by a group of armed street punks, threatening him for making advances to one of their sisters. Strange intervenes, casting a spell that removes their clothing and causes them to retreat. The man they were chasing is equally frightened of Dr. Strange, and runs away.

Stephen and Sara attend the presentation by Nitobe and his daughter, Kiko, who assists him in his demonstration of the spirit shout. Stephen is quickly fascinated by Nitobe's abilities with Kiai-Jutsu, as the master uses the power of his voice for a variety of effects, such as extinguishing a candle with a whisper or breaking a board with a shout. The climax of the presentation shows Nitobe stopping a rushing volunteer with a shout, and then healing the man's nosebleed with another syllable. Stephen meets Nitobe in his dressing room and the two strike up an immediate camaraderie. Stephen invites Nitobe to his Sanctum for further discussion. Kiko remains behind to straighten up, stating she'll meet up with them at the Sanctum.

Stephen and Nitobe are deep in discussion when a knock at the door interrupts them. Wong carries in a gravely wounded Kiko, who was attacked by a man with a knife while trying to find a taxi, sexually assaulted, and left for dead. She apologizes to her father for the suddenness of the attack causing her to forget her training in Kiai-Jutsu. Nitobe assures her it is not her fault. Stephen attends to her wounds as best he can, and she is taken to the hospital.

Using a piece of a sleeve Kiko managed to tear from her attacker's shirt, Stephen psychically homes in on her assailant from above the city, while Nitobe follows on the ground below. As Stephen finds the man, Nitobe calls the hospital to check on Kiko's condition and learns that she has succumbed to her injuries. Enraged, Nitobe attacks the man with murderous intent. Stephen is forced to defend the man against the grief-stricken father, only to find the spirit shout is a match for his own mystic abilities, easily shattering his strongest shield spells. Hoping to prevent collateral damage, Stephen uses the Eye of Agamotto to transport the three of them into a pocket dimension, where he is shocked to discover Kiko's murderer is the young man he saved earlier that night. The man pleads for his life, offering to make both of them rich if he's allowed to live.

Although the man's pleas enrage Nitobe even further, Stephen manages to stop Nitobe with a martial arts hold and appeal to his sense of honor and justice. Nitobe agrees to allow the authorities to deal with the man. The following day, a Daily Bugle headline reveals the man was the cousin of an important diplomat and released due to diplomatic immunity. Outside Nitobe's hotel, the walls shake from his cry of anguish.

Solicit Synopsis

Meet Akira Nitobe! He's more than a master of martial art of Kiai Jutsu - is he more than a match for Dr. Strange? What does our sorcerer supreme do when he cannot defeat his foe by mystic power alone?

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