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  • Umar
  • Demons (posing as Black Panther, Thor, Iron Man, Silver Surfer, Valkyrie, Sub-Mariner)

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Synopsis for "Sword & Sorcery"

Victoria Bentley calls Doctor Strange to Castle Garrett to deal with Dane Whitman, who has been descending into madness since his revival. Determining the curse of the Ebony Blade to be the source of his trouble, Strange helps Whitman work through his anxieties so he can fight the blade's influence and make the decision to purge the curse once and for all. Dane plunges the sword into the Brazier of Truth, shattering the Brazier and freeing Sir Percy's soul. The blade remains enchanted, but Percy and Strange warn Dane not to accumlate any new curses in the future.


  • Doctor Strange restores the winged horse Valinor to an ordinary non-winged horse as the magic that originally transformed it is killing it outside Avalon.

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