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  • Danish Princess (luxury liner)

Synopsis for "Sea Cruise"

Stephen and Dane are out on a cruise where Dane is training to get back into fighting shape and possibly re-join the Avengers. When a sea monster suddenly attacks, Doctor Strange fights it off and notes that the creature could only have been sent from an extra-dimensional sorceror, but he doesn't know who. His answer comes later via a message from Clea, whose rebel forces have led her father Orini, Umar's captain of the guard, into a trap that enabled him to be secretly captured and taken to the rebels' secret base beyond the barrier of Mindless Ones.

Learning that Umar considers him a part of Clea's rebellion for some reason, Strange calls Umar out from the deck of the cruise ship. Umar responds by summoning water elementals to attack the ship and its passengers. Strange and Black Knight fight them off until Strange summons lightning to dispel them. Strange then decides that if Umar already thinks he's fighting against her, he'll go to the Dark Dimension to meet her on those terms.


  • Cover art: Nowlan signs himself Mundelo for Larry Mundelo.

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