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After days of preparations to purge his own mystic aura, Doctor Strange infiltrates the Dark Dimension and dons the disguise of a cloaked mute outcast. While wandering the market in one village, he spots a group of rebels clashing with Umar's guardsmen and intervenes, helping the rebels in their fight using only his martial arts. The rebels are surprised, as outcasts have been shunned by all else in the Dark Dimension ever since Dormammu took power, but before they can confront him, the outcast mysteriously slips away as soon as the fight ends. The rebels make their retreat, worried that they have a mole in their operation since the guardsmen were ready for their appearance. They follow secret passageways to the great barrier and then beyond it and the Mindless Ones' horde to their hidden base in the distant protective dome, not realizing they're being invisibly followed by the outcast. He reveals himself once they're in Clea's presence. Strange explains the situation, admitting that besides Umar making it his fight, he partly wanted to see Clea again after spending so much time getting over her leaving him to see if he still felt anything. Naturally, they both do and embrace.


  • The issue opens with a Dark Dimension teacher explaining the origins of the Dark Dimension's current order to their students. Dormammu and Umar were exiles from the Faltine dimension and offered the Dark Dimension's original ruler, Olnar, the means to expand the realm, leading to the incursion of the Mindless Ones and Olnar's death. Dormammu and Umar erected the barrier to keep out the Mindless Ones and defeated the other mages of the realm that opposed their methods. With Umar left recovering from the war, Dormammu claimed regency, merged with the mystic flames that empowered the realm, and cast a spell of silence on the survivors of the mages, rendering them outcasts.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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