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Synopsis for "Final Triumph"

Umar broadcasts a message throughout the Dark Dimension of Clea's capture and the rebellion's defeat. Doctor Strange pleads to the Outcasts for aid but they believe the situation is too hopeless. Disgusted, Strange removes his Outcast disguise and dons his Cloak of Levitation, declaring that he will take on Umar alone. It's then that the Outcasts are at last persuaded to take a chance. They gain access to the palace gates by pretending to turn Strange over as a prisoner, and when they approach the G'uranthic Guardian, Strange's Eye of Agamotto disables it, allowing them to storm the palace interior. As they do, Strange receives a telepathic message from Clea that she's aiding him by masking his presence from Umar.

When Umar eventually gets word about the attack, Clea reveals her deception. She had been disguised as Orini the whole time and it was Orini made to look like her that was imprisoned. With the disguises removed, Clea and Umar engage in a mystic duel. During the fight, Clea surreptitiously activates the gemstone of transmission Umar had used to broadcast her earlier message, allowing the citizens of the Dark Dimension to see what transpires. Umar boasts that she's empowered by the worship of her subjects and threatens to draw even more power from the great barrier at the cost of the lives of those same subjects. Doctor Strange, the Outcasts, and the freed rebels head out to push back against the Mindless Ones as Clea fights the rapidly weakening Umar, ultimately defeating her and wresting from her the Flames of Regency. The G'uranthic Guardian collapses, the curse of silence on the Outcasts is broken, and Clea is the new ruler of the Dark Dimension.

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