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Synopsis for "Souls in Torment!"

During the events of Fantastic Four #277, Mephisto was destroyed and Hell began to crumble. From out of the molten depths, a previously imprisoned creature in the form of a large woman made of volcanic rock crawled out and made its escape.

Weeks later, in the present, Sara is distressed because Wong has been distancing himself from her. Wong finally explains that he is engaged to an arranged marriage and has recently learned that his eventual bride was born to the family his arranged with. Sara can't believe Wong would rather save himself for someone he has never met than be with her, but Wong is committed to his family's customs. She runs off, and while Strange says he respects Wong's principles, he reccommends he give the matter some further thought.

When the shambling creature that escaped from Mephisto's realm breaks free into Belle Porte and goes on an aimless rampage, Doctor Strange senses its presence and heads out to intercept it. With the Eye of Agamotto he notices the presence of an innocent young woman within the creature and focuses his efforts on purging the darkness consuming her. While the creature proves to be impervious to most attacks, the smouldering molten rock shows aversion to the cooling effect of water. With the Winds of Watoomb, Strange pushes it into a nearby swimming pool to aid in washing away the demonic shell, revealing the unconscious human form of a young blonde woman.

Later, back at the Sanctum, the woman recovers and introduces herself as Topaz. While her body has been restored to good health, both Strange and her own acute senses notice that half her soul is still missing.


  • Topaz was last seen in Tomb of Dracula #64, where Mephisto (in the form of Satan) attempted to destroy her before she could reach the age of 21, when her powers would fully mature and she would be strong enough to destroy him. At the last moment, Topaz's powers appeared to manifest and clashed with Satan's, but the final outcome of that clash and the fate of Topaz was unclear.
  • Layouts by Buscema, finishes by Badger.

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