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Synopsis for "What Song the Sirens Sang!"

In another dimension, a lamprey-haired demon named Iuriale wastes away in need of mortal life to sustain her. She senses her one hope of salvation is a man named Dr. Berenson, a former colleague of Dr. Strange who finds his life so unsatisfying that he easily gives into her bewitching call to find a spellbook that will open the way from her realm.

As Strange is interviewing Topaz, learning how she was kept a prisoner in Hell and that the piece of her soul that enables her empathic powers and any ability to feel emotion is still sealed away, Berenson's wife comes calling for his help. When he goes to investigate their home, Strange finds the evidence of the spell Berenson has been casting. Recognizing it, he knows the final stage of the spell must be cast in the deepest depths of the Earth, which in New York means the tunnel north of Manhattan. He arrives just in time to see the portal open and Berenson attempting to embrace Iuriale. Strange throws Berenson clear and starts to fight Iuriale, but Berenson grabs a broken bottle and strikes Strange from behind, giving the demon a chance to ensnare Strange so that she can begin to drain Berenson's blood. Both Iuriale and Berenson attest that their pact is consensual; she needs his life and he has no need for it himself. Strange refuses to allow it, however, and musters enough strength to break free and banish Iuriale.

Berenson is mortified, infuriated that Strange ruined the first thing to make him feel alive in years. Strange assures him that Iuriale's influence over him will fade in time and takes him to the police so they can take him to the hospital. By the time he gets back to the Sanctum to break the good news to Berenson's wife, he learns that Berenson grabbed an officer's gun and shot himself to death before he could arrive.


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