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Synopsis for "Cloaks and Dangers!"

After battling Khats, Doctor Strange's Cloak of Levitation is very tattered and needs mending. However, the task of repairing it is beyond the doctor's powers, so he asks a mystic weaver to fix the garment.

As he searches for a temporary cloak at the weaver's shop, he's mysteriously called away and walks into a cosmos without light or mass. He notices a small source of light, which is revealed to be a villain named Ecstasy who is tormenting Cloak.

Strange quickly races toward them and shines the light of truth from the Eye of Agamotto. With Cloak now released from Ecstasy's power, Strange opens a dimensional portal and the three tumble through it. The ordeal is over and Strange talks Cloak into letting Ecstasy go free, as she is only an "easy target."


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