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  • Skrull Ship

Synopsis for "The Tongues of Men and Angels...!"

Doctor Strange, sharing the body of Rintrah, borrows the Skrull spacecraft from Mr.Fantastic to follow the mystic trail left by his enemy to the world where they have taken the Sanctum along with Wong and Topaz. There, Urthona has claimed all the Sanctum's relics for himself and personally carries the Darkhold, ready for the old Sorceror Supreme to arrive so they can fight for the title. Urthona and Strange in Rintrah's body engage in mystic combat with Strange/Rintrah acquitting themselves despite Urthona's advantage of having complete control over the people and machinery of the world they're on. At one point, Urthona shakes Strange's resolve by making it appear as though Wong has been killed.

Rintrah gets an idea and vacates his own body to possess Strange's still recovering original body back on the ship. While Strange as Rintrah continues to keep Urthona occupied, Rintrah as Strange sneaks up to the pillars where Wong, Topaz, and the items from the Sanctum are on display. Topaz begs him to return her soul, which is being kept in a bottle on the table with the Sanctum relics. Though Urthona spots them and moves to attack, Rintrah manages to break the bottle, allowing Topaz to become whole once more.

Urthona is about to turn the power of Strange's own talismans against him when Strange uses all his power in the desperate move of destroying the talismans. The Orb of Agamotto, the Book of the Vishanti, the Darkhold, and others all burn, leaving Urthona aghast. The would-be usurper teleports away after warning Strange of the dark forces that he's effectively released by destroying the relics that sealed them away. After Strange and Rintrah return to their own bodies, Strange sees that Wong is still alive then collapses in Topaz's arms bemoaning everything he has broken to reach that point. Topaz comforts him by assuring him that he's taken his first step after a long dark journey into the light.

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