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Synopsis for "Consummation"

Completely revived and living off the power of Gaea (Aka Spirit of Nature, Mother Nature etc.) Dormammu breaks through to Earth's surface appearing in Arizona. While in New York, a number of fellow mystics have come to aid Dr. Strange, who refuses their aid before transporting himself to Arizona. While Dormammu rages across the Arizona, Dormammu offers his sister Umar her reward in his aid, however he tries to banish her instead but this does not work. Umar informs him that she had tricked him and steals his power.

She is soon confronted by Orini who talks of their past romance which brought the birth of Clea, Strange and Clea soon arrive to battle Umar who is defended by Orini. During the battle, Clea frees Gaea from her hold, and with her aid they manage to depower Umar and end Dormammu's influence on the Earth, Umar is knocked out as a result. After Orini is allowed to take Umar back to the Dark Dimension.

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