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Doctor Strange

Appearing in "Blood in the Aether - Chapter Three: A Gut Full of Hell"

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  • Doctor Strange's Cloak


Synopsis for "Blood in the Aether - Chapter Three: A Gut Full of Hell"

Doctor Strange has just been teleported to a diner in Hell by Satana immediately after he defeated his old enemy Nightmare in the previous issue. Satana explains she wants Strange to be her "star attraction" for a new Hell she is creating that will compete with the other Hell domains for tortured souls to live in. To keep him there forever, she forcibly feeds him a piece of demonic bacon, which begins sickening him and killing him from the inside out. She then turns Strange over to her chef, Master Pandemonium, to watch over Strange's body while he dies.

Strange eventually distracts Master Pandemonium enough to go into his astral form and shrink down his size so the villain can't see him. In his tiny astral form, Strange then goes inside his own body and defeats the hellish bacon that is killing his corporeal body, at the same time causing himself to throw it up.

No longer sick and dying, Strange apprehends Master Pandemonium and hangs him from the ceiling, where Satana finds him with a note attached from Doctor Strange. Strange travels back to Earth, where he appears in a dumpster in Newark, and is immediately picked up by a taxi driven by the Orb.

Solicit Synopsis

“BLOOD IN THE AETHER” continues!

• Doctor Strange’s Rogues Gallery continues take advantage of his weakness.

• THIS ISSUE- Satanna and Master Pandemonium put Strange through his own personal hell.


• The credits page incorrectly lists Kevin Nowlan as the cover artist.

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