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Baron Mordo

Appearing in "Blood in the Aether - Chapter Four: The Face of Sin"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Reggie (First and only known appearance; dies)
  • Reggie's victims (First and only known appearance)
  • Uatu (Mentioned) (Deceased)
  • God (Yahweh) (Invoked)
  • Nightmare (Mentioned)
  • Satana (Mentioned)
  • Empirikul (Mentioned)
  • Akhenaten (Referenced)
  • Numerous unnamed New Yorkers

Races and Species:



  • Doctor Strange's Cloak
  • Wrappings from the Mummy of Akhenaten, The Celestial Pharaoh (First appearance)
  • Lewis Gun


Synopsis for "Blood in the Aether - Chapter Four: The Face of Sin"

The villanous Orb kidnapped Doctor Strange in a taxi in the previous issue, and is now driving him around New York to show Strange that he is helping kill those he decides deserve to die. He explains to Strange that he recently stole one of The Watcher's eyes[1] and now considers himself the new "Watcher", but with the caveat that he will help punish those believes should be punished. Meanwhile, Doctor Strange's assistants Wong and Zelma Stanton are flying the magical biplane of Karl Kaufman over New York City, looking for Doctor Strange.

While they are temporarily parked on a building, Doctor Strange finally breaks through the window of the taxi he is imprisoned in and attempts to fight the Orb. The Orb handily defeats him, and straps Strange to the front of his taxi for the rest of the ride. Elsewhere, the villanous Baron Mordo is performing a ritual of blood to try and locate Doctor Strange but is being blocked by the Orb's magic.

The Orb and Doctor Strange drive to a location where they encounter the monster Mister Misery. Mister Misery attempts to kill Doctor Strange, but is shot by Zelma and Wong in the magical biplane, and then is attacked again by Baron Mordo who appears on a nearby rooftop. Mordo comes down to kill Doctor Strange, but is blasted by the Orb, who wants claim to the murder of Doctor Strange as well. Doctor Strange challenges them all to attack him, but at that moment the behemoth Dormammu bursts out of the ground to exact his revenge on the hero.

Solicit Synopsis

• “Blood in the Aether” continues as Doctor Strange’s Rogues’ Gallery all take their shot at a weakened Sorcerer Supreme!

• Back during ORIGINAL SIN, the Watcher was killed and his eyes were removed. One eye fell into the hands of the Orb!

• With that immense power, the Orb has set his sights on Doctor Strange!

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  1. As seen in Original Sin Vol 1 7
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