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Quote1.png Mordo, Nightmare, Satana, the Orb (the Orb-- still can't get over that one), and Dormammu. This was quite the week from Hell. But at least I showed them I'm still as stubborn as ever when it comes to being murdered. Quote2.png
Doctor Strange

Appearing in "Blood in the Aether - Chapter Five: The Dread"

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Synopsis for "Blood in the Aether - Chapter Five: The Dread"

In a flashback, Doctor Strange thinks back on the time that he first met Dormammu while training with Ancient One. Dormammu had possessed a group of hikers on Mount Everest, and Strange recalls that this was the first time he learned to do a demonic exorcism when challenged by Dormammu to shoot the body of the hiker he was possessing with a gun.

In the present day, Dormammu has Doctor Strange in his grasp, and he throws him into a body of water to harm him. Strange is only saved by his cloak, which cushions the fall. Dormammu stalks after Doctor Strange and shows him all of the horrible things that will happen to planet Earth after he, the Sorcerer Supreme, is gone. Dormammu also reveals that the way he (and thus his acolyte Baron Mordo) were able to keep their magical powers despite the events of the Last Days of Magic was by making a deal with the Empirikul to give them the location of Shuma-Gorath, whom the Empirikul's leader, the Imperator, had a personal grduge against. In return, the Empirikul did not attack Dormammu or his realm and eventually went for Earth instead.

Back on the other side of the water, Strange's friend Wong tries to convince the monster Mister Misery to attack Dormammu so Misery can be the one to kill Doctor Strange.[1].

Solicit Synopsis

• “Blood in the Aether” reaches its jaw-dropping conclusion.

• Doctor Strange has run the gamut of his most powerful villains, and waiting at the end? The scariest of all…

• The dread Dormammu is back and bringing the hurt to his archenemy!

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  1. In the previous issue, Wong, Mister Mister Misery, Baron Mordo, and Zelma had all been standing with Doctor Strange before Dormammu suddenly appeared from out of the ground and grabbed the sorcerer
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