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Mister Misery

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Synopsis for "State of Misery"

Doctor Strange is attending to magical disturbances coming up now that magic is regrowing in the world. One such occurance he deals with is the two magical races of Gogarrii and Duvvugoo on the brink of attacking eachother. Doctor Strange manages to bring them into an alliance by making himself their mutual enemy before he leaves their realm and rejoins his assistant Zelma Zelma in his house, the Sanctum Sanctorum. Zelma and Strange are looking for their friend Wong, whom they know to have been captured by a creature called Mister Misery. After brief conversation, Zelma continues contacting all of the other superheroes she can get a hold of while Strange rides to the Bar With No Doors to seek help from other magic users.

Meanwhile, Mister Misery has possessed Wong's body and is sitting in a park, trying to break into Wong's mind in order to figure out how to most deeply hurt Doctor Strange. Finally, Mister Misery is successful, and leaves the park to begin kidnapping ex-surgery patients of Doctor Strange.

Doctor Strange reaches the Bar With No Doors and is interrupted from petitioning for help when Man-Thing suddenly appears and forces Strange to come assist him. Doctor Strange follows Man-Thing to his swamp and helps him fight off a gang of ninja Nazi zombies. In return, Man-Thing gives Doctor Strange some algae, and at that same moment Strange receives a call from Zelma. Zelma informs Strange that he is requested at a hospital in New York, and Strange travels there to find a series of ex-patients he had performed brain surgery on years ago. Each of the patients now has massive, living, tumors on their heads, and Strange calls his friend Thor, to come assist him in removing them.

Solicit Synopsis

• In the epic “Last Days of Magic,” MR. MISERY helped Doctor Strange defeat the Empirikul.

• But don’t misunderstand, Misery is no hero, and he aims to show Strange the meaning of his name.


  • Samuel Wintergreen is mentioned to have been operated on by Stephen Strange five years earlier, and it is later implied he was one of Strange's final patients before the accident that cost him the use of his hands, which would entail that Strange became a sorcerer that time ago; however, Strange is one of the few characters who has a specified birthyear (1930) and a specified origin year (1963), meaning per the sliding timescale, all three dates should be considered topical references.

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