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Appearing in "The World's Finest Super-Surgeons"

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Synopsis for "The World's Finest Super-Surgeons"

We see the the New York University Medical Center is now evacuating it’s patients. A nurse is attacked by a manifestation of Mister Misery and saved by Doctor Strange and Thor. Strange reveals that he knows Thor is Dr. Jane Foster, and he has recruited her to remove the Misery-created tumours in the heads of his former patients while he holds off Misery.

They successfully remove one of the tumours, and Strange eats its to re-absorb its essence, but Misery causes the other patients to begin convulsing. Thor then removes all the tumours at the same time using super-speed. While this is happening the Misery-possessed Wong appears.

Misery taunts Strange and tells him to kill him and Wong, but he knocks out Wong and takes him back to the Sanctum Sanctorum. He gives Zelma a gun and tells her to shoot him if he gets possessed, as he is going to attempt an exorcism.

Solicit Synopsis

• Mister Misery is looking to inflict maximum pain on Doctor Strange by attacking one the Sorcerer Supreme’s closest allies.

• But Strange won’t stand for it and gets help from THOR!

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