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Quote1.png I've been going about this all wrong. But so have you. Love. That's how you think you can hurt me? Love's not even in the job description for a Sorcerer Supreme. But you know what is? Pain. Quote2.png
Doctor Strange

Appearing in "The Power of Strange Compels You"

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Synopsis for "The Power of Strange Compels You"

Many years ago, Stephen Strange meets Wong for the first time in Kamar-Taj. This story is recounted by Mister Misery currently possessing Wong.

As Strange begins the exorcism, Misery taunts him about how he never cared about Wong as much as Wong cared for him. This infuriates him so much that he inflicts pain on himself so that Misery will possess him instead of Wong. Zelma enters to find both Strange and Wong okay, but finds that Misery has possessed the entire Sanctum Sanctorum.

After a chase through the ever-shifting halls, Strange fully absorbs Misery into him. Everything seemingly normal, Strange vomits up the last of Misery into his toilet, and it reconstitutes in the sewers.

Solicit Synopsis

• Mister Misery has kidnapped Wong and is using everything Strange’s friend and companion knows about the Sorcerer Supreme.

• A compromised Strange must find a way to defeat the sadistic entity without killing Wong!

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