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Dr. Strange

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Synopsis for 1st story

Doctor Strange leads Zelma Stanton through his house as they track down the mysterious creatures that erupted from her brain. The duo pass by many weird and mystic objects and the Doctor warns Zelma not to touch anything. Eventually they track the monsters down to the library where they are chewing on books. One of the creatures throws a book at Zelma, which knocks her backwards and transports her to another room of the house.

Now in a hallway, Zelma peeks through an open doorway where she finds zombies that attempt to come and eat her. She barely stops them with the door and heads down the hallway, into the kitchen where she sees some of the creatures breaking into the magician's fridge (which Doctor Strange had warned her earlier never to look into). Zelma sees inside the fridge and is traumatized by what she sees, but just then the Doctor's housekeeper, Wong, appears, and defeats some of the creatures before taking a dish out of the fridge to begin cooking. Wong converses with Zelma a bit and then leads her back to the library where Strange is floating in the air and reading.

Doctor Strange reveals that he has discovered the creatures running amok are Mind Maggots, and that they feed on psychic energy. The Doctor says that they are headed for the cellar in search of food, and deduces that the only way to keep them from reaching it is to have Zelma call the creatures back by shouting all of her darkest secrets. Although initially resistant, Zelma eventually agrees and begins yelling all the secrets about her. This causes the Mind Maggots to rush back to the room, but when they arrive they all infest Doctor Strange instead of Zelma again.

Wong and Zelma look over Doctor Strange as he lies on the floor with demon-like abscesses all over his body. The doctor gets up and assures them that he will be alright, claiming that the parasites now inside of him will die of starvation because his mind is magically protected from being fed upon. Doctor Strange then shows Zelma to the door and as she is leaving asks if she would like to come arrange the books in his library some time. As she is walking away down the street, Zelma agrees and tells him that she will come back on Saturday to do just that.

After Zelma has left, Doctor Strange and Wong confide in each other, commenting that the Doctor hadn't been completely truthful with Zelma by not telling her that the Mind Maggots had never been seen in their dimension before. The Doctor also frets about the fact that some of his magic spells that day had not been working, as if they didn't exist when he tried to cast them.

While the two walk away down a hall of the Sanctum Sanctorum, an ectoplasmic figure of an unidentified Sorcerer Supreme begins to crawl out of one of the doorways, praising his luck at being alive and worrying that he needs to find the Sorcerer Supreme of this dimension. Just then, a group of hands appear behind him and pull the sorcerer back into the doorway, claiming that they need to "burn the magic out of him."

Solicit Synopsis

• Take a tour of Doctor Strange’s home -- the Sancto Sanctorum. It’s the weirdest and most dangerous place in the Marvel Universe! A place where opening the wrong door can unleash hell on Earth.

• Unfortunately for you and your fellow visitor, Zelma, Strange’s house is infested with something far worse than bed bugs!

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