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Appearing in "The Weird, the Weirder, and the Weirdest"

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Supporting Characters:


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  • Phoenix Feathers (Mentioned)
  • Wand of Xyggondo (First appearance)
  • Doctor Strange's Cloak

Synopsis for "The Weird, the Weirder, and the Weirdest"

At an auction for magical artifacts in Barbados, Doctor Strange appears in the form of a dog to steals the Wand of Xyggondo and escape with Zelma on a flying motorcycle.

While flying back to America, they are attacked by a Lava Man working for Witch Queen Le Fay, who shoots Strange with an enchanted arrow. Without Strange's magic, they crash-land in Weirdworld.

Months later, Zelma Stanton has been surviving for herself on Weirdworld and protecting the comatose Doctor Strange. She is attacked by the Lava Men Army, but holds them off with the Wand of Xyggondo. She manages to use a spell that awakens Strange, but she falls unconscious.

Zelma is nursed back to health at the Sanctum Sanctorum. Strange saves her life, but in a way that Wong does not approve of, so he decides to retire. Zelma reawakens to Strange making her breakfast, and he tells her that she is now permanently attuned to the magical world now.

Later, Zelma stands at the door of the Sanctum Sanctorum, helping out a girl who is growing tentacles from her neck, and introduces herself as Strange's apprentice.

Solicit Synopsis

• The culmination of Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo’s first three epic stories is here!

• Dormammu! Mordo! Mr. Misery! The Empirikul! Wong!

• Don’t miss this remarkable issue!

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