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Quote1.png The time has come to liberate another world from evil. Set course for the homeworld of this... Doctor Strange. Our holy inquisition marches on, my brothers. Praise the Empirikul. And death to magic. Quote2.png
The Imperator

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Synopsis for "Eaters of Magic"

Doctor Strange wakes up in his astral form in Central Park, fully nude, with giant magic-eating slugs covering his body. The Doctor tries to run away from them and eventually finds the magical Axe of Angarruumus which he uses to slay the pursuing slugs. As he begins to leave the park, he realizes that all of Manhattan is overrun by the slugs which are eating away all the magic in the area.

Doctor Strange dredges up all of the magic in his body into one form and throws it at the slugs, causing all of them to turn their focus on him and chase him down. He leads all of the slugs to the Sanctum Sanctorum, Doctor Strange's house and the most magical location in all of New York, but finds the magical defenses of his home activated. Strange breaks into his own home through a window in the ceiling and meets his assistant Wong who is defending the interior of the Sanctum from the slugs. Strange reunites his astral form with his body and then proceeds to cast a spell that causes a huge explosion of magic over the entire house, completely bloating all of the slugs and putting them into "food comas".

With all of the slugs pacified, Strange goes to the door in the Sanctum that connects to the realm where the slugs came from, Fandazar Foo. He explains to Wong that Fandazar Foo was a place of gargantuan amounts of magic and that sorcerers would come to the realm to replenish their magic and relax with other magicians. As they approach the door to the realm, Strange suddenly remembers that he had been opening this door earlier that day, and that an explosion had occurred that forced the swarms of slugs out of it and had blasted his own astral form out into Central Park where he had been knocked unconscious.

Doctor Strange opens the door and this time he and Wong step through it looking on in horror at the bleak remains of Fandazar Foo, everything dead and drained of magic. The two spot a tree where a group of dead sorcerer supremes are hung, and Strange decides that they need to find who did this to the magicians before the perpetrator finds them first.

In another location outside of Fandazar Foo, the wreakers of the destruction, the Empirikul shown. Two Eyebots of the Empirikul approach their leader, the Imperator, and alert him that they have just been informed of Doctor Strange's presence at their last site of Inquisition. The Imperator tells them that they will cleanse magic from Doctor Strange's homeworld next, and is then shown cutting into a large white whale.

Solicit Synopsis

• Dr. Strange wakes up, nearly naked with none of his magical tools or spellbooks and no memory of how he got there.

• Nor does he know where all the monsters chasing him came from.

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