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Quote1.png This is Doctor Strange, broadcasting on all known mystical wavelengths. The Earth is under assault. All sites of magical significance are possible targets. The Empirikul are here. And they are not at all what we were expecting. Our enemies are not magicians. Their weapons are technological. But don't allow that to make you overconfident. This... is unlike any technology I've ever seen. A technology with the power to disrupt magic. Quote2.png
Doctor Strange

Appearing in "Pound of Flesh"

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Synopsis for "Pound of Flesh"

Doctor Strange reflects on how every use of magic comes with a cost and how in the early days of his career he would suffer horrible side-effects to using magic which he thought he usually got rid of by going to the cellar in the Sanctum Sanctorum. In reality, his assistant Wong had not been taking him to the cellar, but had been training an army of soldiers in the Himalayas called the Secret Disciples of Strange who were men that took the side-effects of Strange's spells upon themselves. Strange would usually be passed out when Wong transferred the consequences to the men, so he assumed it was the cellar's work. In the present day Wong goes to visit the disciples and tells them that he needs all of them at his disposal for the threat Doctor Strange is going to face. As he is there, large orbs containing Witchfinder Wolves plummet down to the location and attack Wong and the disciples.

All over the Earth orbs are invading, attacking any magical locations that exist. The magicians of the Earth try to fight them off. In the Temple of Watoomb Doctor Strange is fighting off his own pack of Witchfinder Wolves and orbs as all the Earth's magic is being sucked away. Realizing he needs to kill all of them at once instead of fighting them one by one, he casts an incredibly powerful spell of Atlantian Black Magic that destroys all of the black orbs on Earth and cripples Strange and the Secret Disciples.

As he looks up, though, Strange witnesses a giant spherical ship descending onto New York, from which the Imperator and his Eyebots emerge.

Solicit Synopsis

• The Witchfinder Wolves are here and Doctor Strange is in trouble.

• The Empirikul is coming, Magic's days are numbered and Strange is not ready!

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