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Quote1.png No, you don't understand. I found something we can use to fight the Empirikul. It was horrible, I barely got away from it, it was in the cellar and it... Quote2.png
Zelma Stanton

Appearing in "The Last Days of Magic: Chapter Three"

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Synopsis for "The Last Days of Magic: Chapter Three"

Doctor Strange and the other magicians of Earth are collecting magical artifacts from around the world that contain the last scraps of magic in them that hasn't yet been destroyed by the Empirikul. A group of the magicians consisting of Strange, the Scarlet Witch, Talisman, and Médico Místico all risk their lives for a magical bone in the abandoned lair of a dragon. They are attacked by the Empirikul's Witchfinder Wolves, which they are surprised to find now shoot lasers from their eyes, but manage to get away. Doctor Strange slices his arm to spill some blood onto a map to show where the next magical object is, and they head out.

Meanwhile in the Sanctum Sanctorum, which has been almost completely razed by the Empirikul, Zelma Stanton hides in the fridge and manages to steal the last book from the Doctor's library before the Empirikul burn it. She is then rescued by Wong, who uses a magical artifact to transport them to the mountains of Tibet. In the mountains, she tells Wong that they have to go back because she has seen something in the Sanctum's cellar that can help them defeat the Empirikul. Wong is appalled that Zelma went into the cellar.

At that moment Strange, still in the car with his friends, realizes with horror that the Empirikul are going to enter his cellar which will release a being made entirely out of pain and suffering.

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• All of Doctor Strange’s magic has been destroyed and our world is on the edge of disaster.

• What on Earth can Stephen do?

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