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Appearing in "The Last Days of Magic: Chapter Four"

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Synopsis for "The Last Days of Magic: Chapter Four"

People from all over the world who were touched by magic in some way wander to a hidden monastery in Tibet without, pulled by an urge that they don't understand. Doctor Strange's aides, Wong and Zelma Stanton are there, and explain to the people that they are there to take on Doctor Strange's injuries as whenever he uses magic.

Meanwhile in the cellar of the Sanctum Sanctorum, the Imperator confronts Mister Misery, a being made out of pure pain and suffering that has also been taking on the pain Doctor Strange has been inducing on himself by using magic over the years.

In Tibet, Doctor Strange and the rest of the Magicians left on Earth finish collecting the last remaining magic artifacts left in the world and decide that it is time to take one last stand against the Empirikul. On their way to New York, though, Strange stops at the monastery that Wong and Zelma are at, and realizes what the two have been doing behind his back. He orders all of the people there to leave so that they won't have to pay the price for his magic usage. When Wong protests and tries to stop the Doctor, Strange knocks him unconscious.

The magicians all travel to the Sanctum Sanctorum in New York and begin fighting the Empirikul. Strange himself goes down to the basement joins the battle Mister Misery and the Imperator are fighting against each other.

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• Stripped of all of his magic, Stephen Strange scours the globe for any weapon he can use against the Empirikul.

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