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America Chavez and Defender Strange, an alternate variant of Dr. Stephen Strange, are chased by a monster in the space between alternate universes as they attempt to locate the Book of Vishanti. Realizing that he must sacrifice Chavez so he can take her powers and save the multiverse, he attempts to kill her but is ultimately killed by the monster, while Chavez teleports to Earth-616 alongside his corpse.

Stephen Strange sees this in a vision but believes it was a dream. He then attends his ex-fiancée Christine Palmer's wedding, where Palmer tells him their relationship would never work. During the wedding, an octopus demon appears in New York chasing Chavez. With Wong's aid, he saves Chavez and destroys the monster. Chavez then explains that the demons are pursuing her for her powers, as she can travel the multiverse. She also explains that Strange's dream was actually the vision of his alternate self's last moments. Strange discovers witchcraft runes on Defender Strange's corpse and consults Wanda Maximoff, who dreams of her alternate self with her kids Billy and Tommy. However, Strange realizes that she sent the monsters to capture Chavez after being corrupted by the Darkhold so she can kill Chavez, take her powers, and travel to the universe where she can be with her children. She then warns Strange to hand Chavez over at Kamar-Taj by sundown.

Strange, Wong, and the other sorcerers fortify Kamar-Taj as Maximoff attacks. After breaking through the magic shield with her telepathy, she kills many sorcerers as she hunts for Chavez. Strange attempts to trap her in the Mirror Dimension, but fails, and she incapacitates him and Wong before attacking Chavez. Chavez accidentally teleports herself and Strange to Earth-838. They go to the New York Sanctum to find his counterpart but learn he apparently died defeating Thanos. They meet the current Sorcerer Supreme of that universe, Baron Mordo, who invites them to join him for tea, only for him to drug them. Maximoff uses the Darkhold to "dreamwalk" into her alternate counterpart in that universe who lives with Billy and Tommy but is stopped when a surviving sorceress sacrifices herself to destroy the Darkhold. As a result, Maximoff forces Wong to take her to Mount Wundagore, the Darkhold's power source, when she threatens to kill other surviving sorcerers.

Meanwhile, Strange and Chavez awaken captured in a facility where they meet that universe's Christine Palmer, a scientist working there. Strange is taken to the Illuminati, an organization formed to protect reality, consisting of Mordo, Captain Carter, King Blackagar Boltagon, Captain Maria Rambeau, Reed Richards, and their leader, Professor Charles Xavier, who tell him that their universe's Strange, the founder of the Illuminati, used the Book of Vishanti to find alternate ways to defeat Thanos but accidentally caused an incursion that destroyed another universe. After the Illuminati used the book to kill Thanos, Strange voluntarily had himself executed to prevent any more damage to the multiverse. Maximoff uses Mount Wundagore's powers to re-infiltrate her alternate self's body and attack the Illuminati's facility. She kills Boltagon, Richards, Carter, and Rambeau, while Strange fights and defeats Mordo, after Strange goads him into a fight. Xavier attempts to save Chavez from Maximoff by telepathically fighting her but Maximoff snaps his neck and pursues Chavez, Strange, and Palmer into the space between universes.

Maximoff destroys the Book of Vishanti just as Strange reaches it and takes control of Chavez's mind, using her powers to send Strange and Palmer into another universe before returning to Earth-616. Strange discovers they are in an incursion-affected universe where his alternate counterpart, Sinister Strange, has been corrupted by his universe's Darkhold. Strange fights Sinister Strange and ultimately uses magical musical notes to throw him to his death. Strange then dreamwalks into Defender Strange's corpse in Earth-616 with Palmer's aid to save Chavez while Maximoff begins a ritual to steal Chavez's powers. The dark spirits of the Darkhold attack Strange in both universes but Palmer saves the physical Strange while Defender Strange overcomes the spirits. He then reunites with Wong, who was thrown off the mountain by Maximoff, and attempt to save Chavez but is defeated by Maximoff. Strange encourages Chavez to fight Maximoff. After being unable to defeat her, Chavez instead teleports her to Earth-838, where Maximoff attacks her variant to claim her kids. However, when she sees her kids afraid of her, she realizes the destruction she has caused and sacrifices herself to destroy Mount Wundagore as well as every copy of the Darkhold throughout the multiverse. Before Strange and Palmer return to their universes, Strange admits to Palmer that he always loved her but was too scared to start a relationship.

Repairs to Kamar-Taj begin as Chavez begins training as a sorcerer while Strange repairs the watch Palmer gifted him earlier. However, as a result of studying the Darkhold, he gains a third eye. In a mid-credits scene, Strange is approached by a sorceress called Clea who tells him that he has caused an incursion in the multiverse and asks him to go with her to the Dark Dimension to fix it.



  • Director Scott Derrickson teased that this film would be the "first scary MCU film" at San Diego Comic-Con 2019.[1]
  • The film tied in directly to the events of the Disney+ series WandaVision and Loki along with the film Spider-Man: No Way Home.[1][6] This marks the first time an MCU film is directly tied to an MCU TV series.
  • Scott Derrickson, who directed and co-wrote the first Doctor Strange film, was originally signed on to return directing this film, but later left due to creative differences.[7] Sam Raimi will direct the film, while Derrickson will remain as executive producer.[8]
  • The film was originally supposed to open on May 7, 2021, but was pushed back to November 5 and then to March 25, 2022 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.[9][10] It was later pushed again to May 6, 2022, taking the release date of Thor: Love and Thunder.[11]
  • Within the Marvel Multiverse, reality designations are assigned by the Captain Britain Corps. The Christine Palmer of Earth-838 assigning the number "616" to Earth-199999 will be considered an Easter egg and not the reality's true official designation.







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