Dr. Strasser was a Nazi spy active during World War II. By 1942, he had set up operations in a private clinic in the United States, taking on patients that were key members of the American defense community. When these patients were scheduled to have blood transfusions, he instead injected them with powdered potassium, which when mixed with blood, would not only kill them but cause their corpses to bloat up and become lighter than air. Strasser then released his victims into the open air to float away in the sky.

The strange deaths attracted the attentions of reporters Jack Casey, Mary Morgan, and Jeff Mace (secretly the costumed hero known as the Patriot). The trio would connect the deaths to Strasser's clinic and fly a private plane to investigate. Struck by a floating corpse, their plane crashed into Strasser's facility. With Jack and Marry knocked out, Jeff changed into the Patriot to confront Strasser.

Knocking out the Patriot, Strasser had the hero tied to an operating table and told him of his mission in America while performing his technique on a prominent defense commissioner. Before he could then turn his technique on the Patriot, the hero snapped free from his bonds. Strasser then met a most ironic end when the Patriot knocked him into one of his own needles. Injected with powdered potassium, Strasser was killed instantly, and his corpse bloated up in the same was as his victims.[1]


Strasser carried syringes filled with powdered potassium which he used to inject into his victims.

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