Doctor Suki worked for the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II. By early 1943, he developed a serum that would make those injected into obedient slaves. Taken to Alaska, Dr. Suki injected his serum into captured American soldiers and used them to help raid convoys and create a base on Alaskan soil[1]. This plot was discovered by the Sub-Mariner who chased after the fleeing Dr. Suki.

Suki sought refuge aboard a Japanese battleship off the coast of Alaska, however the Sub-Mariner tracked him there and sank the ship himself. He then forced Suki back to the mainland and made him administer the antidote to the affected soldiers. Attempting to prevent the Americans from learning his secrets, Suki almost succeeded in injecting himself with his serum but was stopped by the Sub-Mariner and was handed into military custody.[2]

Dr. Suki's subsequent fate is unrecorded.


Dr. Suki is a skilled scientist in the area of chemistry.


Suki had invented a serum that would make those injected with it into obedient slaves. The only way to reverse this state would be to administer the antidote invented by Suki.

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  1. Alaska was not part of the United States until 1952
  2. Sub-Mariner Comics #8

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