Quote1 Ho ho ho! Listen up, Great Lakes Avengers...or X-Men...or whatever you're calling yourselves! It is I, your greatest enemy, Dr. Tannenbaum, the Yuletide Terrorist! It's that time of year, so yet again, I am out to destroy X-Mas! So? Are you ready to take your season's beatings?! Quote2
-- Dr. Tannenbaum, the Yuletide Terrorist src

Dr. Tannenbaum, the Yuletide Terrorist is a genius bent on destroying Christmas and all it represents.[1] His first scheme involved using a Giant Robot Snowman, but his attack was thwarted by the Great Lakes Avengers.[2][1]

Great Lakes Avengers (Earth-616) vs. Doctor Tannenbaum (Earth-616) from Great Lakes Avengers Special Vol 1 1 001

Dr. Tannenbaum's animated pine trees attacking the Great Lakes X-Men

One year later, he laid a trap for the Great Lakes X-Men using animated pine trees. He had secretly been selling them to families so they could launch an all-out rampage at his command. The team was able to defeat his latest plot when they realized the trees were easily defeated if weighed down with decorations.[1]

Doctor Tannenbaum (Earth-616) from Deadpool GLI - Summer Fun Spectacular Vol 1 1 001

Dr. Tannenbaum trapped by A.I.M.

Dr. Tannenbaum's secret labs in Christmas Mountain was taken over by A.I.M. while they were using their "Inebriation Wave" powered by Dionysus. He was discovered tied up in a closet by the Great Lakes Initiative and Deadpool during their raid of the facility.[3]


  • None.


  • Gifted inventor and engirneer.


  • The German word "Tannenbaum" means "Christmas Tree".

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