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Doctor Throttle was a criminal inventor that was active during the 1940s. In his lab in Utah, he invented a radium-powered car he dubbed the Meteor III. In order to power his car, he needed to steal more radium, however he saw the Whizzer as an obstacle to this goal. In order to stop the hero's potential interference, Dr. Throttle invited the Whizzer to a public race to see if he the super-speedster was faster than the Meteor III.

During the race, Dr. Throttle sideswiped the Whizzer and then eventually ran him over, knocking the Whizzer out. Taking the Whizzer back to his lab, Dr. Throttle chained the hero to a treadmill and forced him to run while he and his assistant went to the Drumman Aircraft Factory to steal more radium. The Whizzer managed to break free and capture Dr. Throttle and his assistant before they could.[1]

Dr. Throttle's subsequent fate is unknown.

Powers and Abilities


Skilled inventor



The Meteor III

Dr. Throttle drove the Meteor III a race car of his own invention. Powered by radium, the car could travel over 600 miles per hour.


It is interesting to note that the Meteor III resembles the two other high speed cars that the Whizzer had encountered in the 1940s. The Silver Moonbeam, invented by Larry Reynolds[2] and the one driven by Ed "Mock" Turtle and his gang[3]. This is likely because all three stories were drawn by artist Louis Ferstadt, as the vehicles have no known connection.

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