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Early Life

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Born in North Korea, the young girl who would be known as Doctor Tramma was recognized for exceptional intelligence by her government. She was taken to a special school and trained to be a spy that would infiltrate the city of Tokyo, Japan and steal its secrets for Hong Kong. At one point, she was put in charge of guarding a prisoner from Japan named Kumi who told her exaggerated stories of Japan's culture, describing it as a wondrous place of technology, robots, and ninjas.When she arrived in Tokyo to carry out her mission, she discovered that she had been lied to, as Tokyo was just a normal city like any other. However, she decided that she would still make her dreams come true.[1]

Doctor Tramma

After defecting from North Korea, Doctor Tramma (as she called herself) set up a "bodyshop" that specialized in installing cybernetic augmentations to humans. Within a year, Tramma had bodyshops across Asia. Her success later reached the attention of the crime boss Mr. Negative, who hired her into his organization and helped her establish a bodyshop in New York City. Some of her known operations included rebuilding the gangster Hammerhead with an adamantium skeleton and restoring the "bad luck powers" of Black Cat.[1]

Doctor Tramma later approached Aleksei Sytsevich at a diner offering to equip him with an upgraded Rhino Armor on behalf of Sasha Kravinoff. When he declined due to not wanting to be a villain anymore, Doctor Tramma gave the armor to another criminal who became the second Rhino.[2]

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