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The past history of Dr. Van Eyck of Earth-7848 mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart up until his first encounter with Matt Murdock. In this reality, Dr. Van Eyck would also be forced to live in the nation of Lichtenbad prisoner of it's evil dictator Duke Klaus Kruger. Karen Page would convince Murdock to seek Van Eyck's cure for blindness.

In this reality, it would be revealed to the public that Daredevil is really blind early on in his career, and as a result Page would deduce Murdock's double identity. When the two would agree to postpone the procedure so that Matt could go into action as Daredevil to stop the Duke, Van Eyck would be captured by the Duke's men. When attempting to stop the atomic pile that would create a Cobalt Cloud to threaten the world, Dr. Van Eyck would be stopped at he last moment by Daredevil. As a result, Van Eyck would avoid absorbing a lethal dose of radiation, however the action would rob Daredevil of his super-human abilities.

After the threat of the Cobalt Cloud had been ended, Van Eyck would conduct the surgery to restore Murdock's eye sight, which would turn out to be a success. The combination of Daredevil losing his enhanced abilities and Van Eyck's treatment would lead to Murdock's eventual retirement as a costumed crime fighter.[citation needed]

Van Eyck's current whereabouts are unknown.

Powers and Abilities


The good Doctor was an expert in the field of Eye trauma, and a brilliant experimental eye scientist.


In the Earth-616 reality, Karen Page would not accompany Matt to Lichtenbad and Van Eyck would sacrifice his life stopping the Cobalt Cloud, absorbing a lethal dose of radiation, killing him and preventing him from performing his surgery on Murdock[1].

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