Many years ago, Dr. Vryolak discovered the labyrinth of legend hidden on a far island in the Aegean Sea, not on Crete as fables told; at the center of that timeless maze, he stepped into the chamber where the ancients worked their forgotten chemistry to create super-race, combining the power of beasts with the mind of men, and decided to do the same. He then experimented his chemical on his son, which managed to cure him from a fatal disease, but eventually turned him into a minotaur. As he was attempting to find an antidote, he then began sending his son out to raiding mission in order to steal valuables and fund his research, until he retrieved a suffering Madame Masque, stranded on their island. Hoping to create a mate for his son as well as an army of similar creatures, Vryolak tried to trick Masque into drinking his potion, but she refused and was eventually rescued by Iron Man and Jasper Sitwell. He finally died when his son, moved by Sitwell's love for Masque, sacrificed himself and his father to save the strangers[1].

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